Minors in Business

Minors in Business

Maybe you’ve already settled into your major course of study but want to expand your skills. Maybe you love learning about financial management, microeconomics, and management theory. Whatever your goals and dreams, earning your minor in business from Indiana University Kokomo is an excellent way to help you stand out to future employers, and deepen your knowledge base about the global economy we live in. A minor in business allows you to enhance and develop critical thinking skills, learn to communicate your ideas both in writing and orally, and learn to analyze complex issues to arrive at unique solutions.

Regardless of your major, a business minor at Indiana University Kokomo gives you a broad understanding of business concepts, including finance, management and marketing–all while sharpening your skills, knowledge and value. If you are a current IU Kokomo student pursuing a non-business bachelor's degree, the business minor could be a good option for you.

Human resource professionals help drive an organization’s success by ensuring that personnel practices are aligned with corporate strategies. This means hiring and retaining great talent, creating the right compensation and benefits packages and nurturing company culture to optimize employee engagement.

Designed for students who are or anticipate employment in labor relations, personnel, or training and development, the minor in human resources at Indiana University Kokomo offers you the opportunity to expand both your knowledge and skills. 

Everything in business starts with marketing, and a successful career begins at Indiana University Kokomo.

Marketing encompasses all activities related to the creation, promotion, and distribution of goods and services by producers, for consumers. With a marketing minor at IU Kokomo, you’ll prepare for careers in professional sales, corporate retail, marketing research, advertising, and brand management.

If a business minor sounds like something you would be interested in, don’t hesitate to reach out! For more details, please visit our Academic Bulletin. To find out what the coursework might be for this minor fill out your information and follow the prompted steps to arrive at a sample degree map. If you’re ready to declare your business minor, contact your academic advisor today. 

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