Your generosity makes a world of difference

When you give to Indiana University Kokomo, you're believing in a dream. Your gift allows students who have never left the state of Indiana to board a plane for the first time and travel to a new continent. It helps a financially insecure student make it through another semester without burden. It funds life-changing projects for collaboration between faculty, students, and the community. It supports our athletes, our scholars, our future teachers and doctors, our faculty, our campus. Long story short - your gift changes lives. 

Cougar Baseball Players
Three girls standing in front of a British Flag
Key Students playing a game

Because of wonderful people like you, people like me can reach their dreams. I am grateful for your gift to our school and grateful for you.

If IU Kokomo has a special place in your heart, we would love to hear from you. Whether you would like to attend one of our many events, join one of our giving circles, or fund a student's dream, please reach out to the Office of University Advancement. Helping you help the campus you hold dear is what we're here for. We'd love to have a conversation, get to know you and your vision, and help you plug in to IU Kokomo. 

University Advancement will propel the mission and vision of Indiana University Kokomo by partnering with north central Indiana; by establishing and enhancing relationships, communicating the positive impact of campus activities and programs, raising funds to foster student success, and engaging our alumni.