Cost + Value

Cost + Value: An IU Degree for around $8,000 a Year

The time has come for you to make a big decision: where do I go to college? At Indiana University Kokomo, the cost and value of what we do around here speaks for itself. Our students are known on a first-name basis. You’ll build relationships with your professors that will last a lifetime and help you push yourself and grow to become the best version of you. Our average class size of about 20 students gives you the chance to get to know your peers, be heard in class and get individualized attention, and get hands-on experiential learning opportunities you may not find anywhere else – all at an amazing value. To get a better handle on what your value here may look like, you check out our Interactive tool.


The Kokomo Experience and You

We have a program called the Kokomo Experience and You, or KEY. With KEY, you’ll have the chance to go to conferences, visit state and national parks, go talk with alumni who are out working in your desired field, and so much more – usually for free! Past KEY experiences have included trips to Amsterdam, San Francisco, Yellowstone National Park, and more!

Students walking down the street.
Students standing together in a row in front of a building.
Students and staff standing in front of a Facebook icon and holding signs.

Students walk through Bloomington, pose for a picture in Detroit, and smile for the camera at Facebook headquarters as a part of various KEY trips.