First Year Experiences

Start your college experience off right!

Indiana University Kokomo strives to make the transition to college easy as possible for incoming students – whether you’ve just graduated high school, or have transferred from another campus. We pride ourselves on creating a diverse and welcoming environment where all feel like they’re part of the Cougar community.

At IU Kokomo, we offer a variety of programs to transfer or first-year students that encourage team building and communication to help ensure the success of every student.

First Year Experiences

A student’s first year in college can set the tone for the rest of their time in school. At IU Kokomo, we make it our job to ensure our students have the best first year possible!

Before classes start, students are expected to attend Bootcamp events on campus, and are encouraged to join the KEY Summer Program; both are opportunities to get acclimated to campus and meet your fellow students!

Bootcamp and KSI are part of IU Kokomo’s new student onboarding initiatives. To learn more about our full program, please visit our New Student Orientation website.

Shake off the first day jitters at Bootcamp! An all-day event, IU Kokomo’s Bootcamp gives incoming students a chance to meet new people in and outside of their major, explore campus, participate in workshops and activities, gain foundational technology skills, learn about important academic success resources, and make new friends! You’ll also learn about the world of educational enrichment opportunities available through the Kokomo Experience and You (KEY) program, and how you can take your learning outside of the classroom!

Students will be placed into groups and will be led on a scavenger hunt by faculty group leaders. This is a time to help students find their classrooms, important campus locations, and teach them skills needed to form new relationships.

The KEY Summer Institute is a head start in the collegiate experience.  Over the course of two days, students will gain the know-how, self-confidence and connections they will need to succeed in college. Lessons and experiences led by IU Kokomo faculty and guests will cover topics from effective study habits to how to navigate campus and find important resources.

Explore the KEY Summer Institute

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Create a strong foundation

Indiana University Kokomo offers support for incoming students that lasts through their entire collegiate education. Freshman Learning Communities and First Year Seminars provide additional support to help students navigate and complete their first year with confidence, while the Early Intervention, Success Coaching, and One-on-One Advising initiatives offer strong support that lasts all the way through graduation.

Freshman Learning Communities (FLC) are block courses – two classes scheduled back-to-back with separate instructors. Courses are worth three credits each and include an A101 Freshman Seminar worth one credit – seven credits in total. FLCs also include a KEY Experience.

Courses are paired together to allow students to better understand the common goals of the courses, and how they can connect. Instructors communicate about what will be taught during the week to ensure a reasonable workload for students.

Students are encouraged to enroll in FLCs, as the block course format allows students to create deeper connections with their classmates, get involved in and off campus, and help their fellow new students adjust to college life. 

During the summer, faculty and staff also work with students to anticipate any struggles with coursework through early intervention techniques including our Student Engagement Roster and Academic Success Coaches. Success coaches are provided by IU Kokomo at no cost to students.

All incoming freshmen are required to take a “Freshman Seminar” course. This class helps new students to adjust to life on a college campus, and helps transfer students feel comfortable on a new campus. Here, students can meet and interact with their peers in a classroom setting and learn important collegiate life skills such as communication, study habits, time management, and teamwork!

IU Kokomo faculty are dedicated to the success of our students. To support that goal, the Student Engagement Roster (SER) is used by all professors to monitor student performance and grades. If a student is falling behind, or having trouble in the course, the professor can document those issues in the SER. A notification will then be sent to the student and their academic advisor, detailing what the professor has documented. Campus resources such as Success Coaches, the Writing Center, or the Math Commons are then offered to help students succeed. Both the Writing Center and Math Commons offer one-on-one and group tutoring for those in need of assistance.

The SER isn’t just used to document issues; faculty can also use it to let students know if they are thriving in a course, and to provide encouragement.

The early intervention process also includes Academic Probation. When a student’s GPA drops below 2.0, they are warned to increase their GPA or risk losing financial aid. Students on Academic Probation are encouraged to regularly meet with their advisor and a success coach for additional support.

Academic Success Coaching pairs a student with an expert who can provide individualized help with tasks such as time management, study skills, stress management, and navigating campus resources. Coaching is free to all IU Kokomo students, and has proven successful among students.  

It’s easy to get confused by the requirements needed to graduate from college. Academic advisors in the Office of Student Success and Advising meet one-on-one with students to help them feel confident about academic decisions, and to support their exploration of academic and extra-curricular opportunities on campus.

Advisors are here to help students stay on track with their degree progress, making sure they are taking appropriate courses and earning enough credits to meet the requirements for graduation, program admission, and financial aid eligibility.

Students are assigned to at least two advisors in their major area to ensure that they can get questions answered and support whenever they need it.

Ready to get started?

If you are ready to begin your time at IU Kokomo, the Office of Admissions is here to help! For questions or more information, email us at or call us at 765-455-9405.