100 Ways

Athletics/campus spirit

  1. “Spirit Day Fridays,” encouraging students, faculty and staff to wear their IU gear.
  2. Insert two athletic tickets in holiday cards from the Chancellor to drive awareness and attendance at athletic events.
  3. Promote the use of IUKLife by academic departments and other offices to share their upcoming activities and events with students.
  4. Creating the inaugural IUK Comic Con on Oct. 7, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  5. Incorporate Career Readiness Learning objectives into IUKLife event descriptions, allowing students to connect their experiences at events to their career goals.
  6. Start a Yarn Club on campus, for students, faculty and staff to work on projects, learn to knit or crochet, and discuss projects.
  7. Create a glow station for students to construct glow-in-the dark projects.
  8. Human Resources hosts an employee Halloween costume contest with a certificate and bragging rights as prizes.
  9. Human Resources will sell cookie/candy grams to raise money for future employee events, and to promote school spirit.
  10. Start a Holiday Cookie Exchange
  11. Enhance the Main Building courtyard to serve as an area for students to gather together, relax, engage, or even have class.
  12. Show support for our student athletes by offering an away bus for fans to travel to games.

Building Relationships

  1. Cultivate a community of care on campus and honor the work of offices and individuals by passing out treats like cupcakes or bagels.
  2. Chancellor Mark Canada and his wife will host a Thanksgiving dinner for students, faculty and staff who find themselves alone on the holiday.
  3. Begin a relationship with the Smithsonian Institute Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES), to bring informational exhibits to the IUK gallery.
  4. Hold weekly lunches for a mix of faculty and staff in the Hugh Thompson Dining Room.
  5. “Bagel Buddies,” an opportunity for faculty and staff who want to discuss issues, concerns and campus matters with the Interim EVCAA.
  6. Encourage faculty to participate in student life activities and events with their classes.
  7. Invite students from Kokomo High School to attend the School of Business Freshman Picnic.
  8. Strengthen interactions with Dual Credit students, resulting in increased presence and awareness at area high schools.
  9. Mail motivational/encouraging notes to all Dual Credit students in the Credits to College program as the second half of the semester begins.
  10. Host an on-campus registration day in Spring 2023 at Kokomo and Logansport High Schools.
  11. Host a breakfast honoring students, faculty and staff who are veterans on or around Veterans Day, also giving others the opportunity to sign a Thank You card.
  12. Market IU Kokomo’s microcredentials program to the community with the slogan, “AIM” – Achieve, Improve, Master.
  13. Create a Chancellor’s Ambassadors program, featuring 12 impressive students who can attend official gatherings, greet guests, give tours, speak publicly, and answer questions.
  14. Provide free Spanish classes for IU Kokomo faculty and staff.
  15. Encourage the community to visit IU Kokomo by posting “Free Parking” signs at the campus parking garage.
  16. Increase options for guest parking on campus.
  17. Offer culinary treats to students on a first-come, first serve basis.
  18. Members of the Office of Admissions met with Dual Credit students from Carroll High School at their Oct. 7 Homecoming game.
  19. An on campus event was held during Homecoming Week, giving Dual Credit students a chance to participate in campus activities.
  20. Build relationships by bringing special guests to athletic events and hosting school visits at games and matches to increase enrollment.
  21. Bring more accessibility-focused events to campus, including a lunch and learn for students that focuses on life after IU Kokomo.
  22. Deliver bags of candy and notes about responsible behaviors to student residents at University Park and The Annex.
  23. Increase signage and awareness of the Cougar Cupboard through grab-and-go meal baskets around campus.

Career Development

  1. Spread awareness of NACE Career Readiness Competencies, encouraging faculty to show students how their courses prepare them for life after college.
  2. Share brain-aligned strategies for faculty, adjuncts, and staff to use themselves and in classes, to calm their nervous systems and those of students, to improve our abilities to focus, learn, create, reason, and connect.

Classroom Innovation

  1. Take students attending a class to a student activity.
  2. Bring a patient to the nursing classroom hourly during lectures as small case studies, to help students process information and encourage critical thinking.
  3. Create a Journal Club for the School of Science faculty and students to share articles and research papers in the scientific community.
  4. Reach out to, and engage with first-year undergrads to promote retention.
  5. Update and improve the IU Kokomo Foundation Scholarships webpage to reflect all available options, and increase student engagement.

Campus Operations

  1. Eliminate vacant or unused financial accounts to create streamlined processes and reduce errors.
  2. Provide tours of the campus to current and new employees to increase awareness of the history of IUK, as well as offer glimpses behind the scenes at building operations.
  3. The library will upload select departmental records and reports to the Archives of Institutional Memory, to improve transparency and facilitate open communication.
  4. Financial Aid & Scholarships is working with USSS and the Fiscal Office to clean up their item types and account numbers, enhancing functionality between offices and ensuring accuracy.
  5. Increase opportunities for campus organizations, students, faculty and staff to utilize the KEYPad.
  6. Create a Financial Officers group featuring officers from each regional campus, to promote communication and relationships between campuses.
  7. Organize and clean the Bicentennial Scholarship match accounts to provide more accurate data.

Campus Safety

  1. Place posters in campus classrooms, promoting safety tactics for students, faculty and staff.  
  2. Create emergency car bags/kits for students featuring survival/emergency items for safe winter travel.

Community Engagement

  1. Choose a service project for classes, encouraging an understanding of community needs and the importance of helping others.
  2. Increase Chancellor Canada’s speaking presence at community organizations and other service clubs across IU Kokomo’s 14-county region, introducing him and the microcredentials program to the community.
  3. Hand out complementary athletic tickets to people IU Kokomo leaders meet while visiting communities in our service region.
  4. Connect students to off-campus activities in the community, promoting with the hashtag #Kokomovement
  5. Field interns will participate in Kokomo’s Oct. 7 First Friday event and distribute copies of Vol. 7 and candy to trick-or-treaters and visitors.
  6. Members of the Lewis Cass High School volleyball team were invited to attend the Sept. 27 volleyball game, increasing awareness of the campus and team for prospective students.
  7. Work with the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana to start a Campus Girl Scouts club.
  8. The Financial Aid Department participated in Kokomo’s Oct. 7 First Friday event, spreading awareness of College Goal Sunday and the FAFSA program.
  9. A campus event for undecided admits will be held, to encourage enrollment
  10. IUK Facilities staff delivered 20 complete Thanksgiving meal bags to the Cougar Cupboard, led by Jeremy Dobson.
  11. Offer a Universe Explorer Badge and reward program to encourage budding young science enthusiasts through the observatory.
  12. Award scholarships to high school level winners of the Howard County Science Fair.
  13. Update the IU Kokomo Crimson Card discount page for students, staff, and faculty to reflect our current community partners.


  1. Add a survey to the signature of the Multicultural Center emails, calling for ideas and feedback to improve experiences for students.
  2. Create Pedagogical Partnerships between CLTA and the Multicultural Center Equity Ambassadors, and improve inclusivity in curriculum/instructional strategies through observation and discussion.
  3. Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a campus fiesta, held Sept. 21
  4. Professor J.R. Pico participated in the 2022 Indiana Latino Education Summit, promoting IU Kokomo to potential students from across the state.
  5. Hold faculty and staff group meetings discussing how to improve IU Kokomo for students, faculty and staff using the book “Do The Work! An Antiracist Activity Group” as guidance.

Health and Wellness

  1. Free yoga classes for faculty and staff in the Cole Fitness Center.
  2. Providing one-day guest passes to Cole Fitness Center members.
  3. Provide low-cost snacks and refreshments to students.
  4. Improve student engagement, success and mental health by adding spaces to relax and unwind to the Main Building Courtyard.
  5. Red baskets placed around campus featuring grab-and-go food for students raise awareness of the Cougar Cupboard and the services it offers for students.
  6. Install and stock soap dispensers in the Cole Fitness Center’s shower stalls.
  7. Offer free tai chi classes through the Cole Fitness Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

IU 2030 Framework

  1. Schedule focused work sessions for the committees and subcommittees involved in IU2030 planning to promote teamwork and productivity.

Kokomo experience and you (KEY)

  1. Rebrand all SNAHP clinical rotations as the CLINICAL KEY, with small swag items for students as they move through their studies and complete their clinical rotation.
  2. Ease student travel trips and events through meetings between faculty planning KEY/Student travel events and the Student Travel Coordinator, to ensure that all information is available and in hand.  

Professional Development

  1. “Cougar Connection” staff mentoring program, connecting new staff members with more experienced
  2. A formalized monthly or biweekly public lecture/presentation series including IUK faculty and external guest speakers – similar to a TED talk series.
  3. Adjust and refocus CTLA meetings to accommodate faculty schedules, while refocusing the curriculum on teaching.
  4. Promote the grants and fellowships awarded to faculty through academic affairs by publicly showcasing those who receive the awards and recognition, and what they receive their grants and fellowships for.
  5. Hold a professional development day on March 17, 2023, focusing on the theme, “It’s All About Me.”

Social Media

  1. “Tweet Treats” with the Chancellor, where the first 10-15 students who meet him at a campus location or event would receive a treat.
  2. “Follow Me” tweets by the Chancellor, encouraging his Twitter followers to attend campus events.
  3. A “90 Names in 90 Days” Twitter campaign where Chancellor Canada aims to learn the names of 90 students in 90 days at locations and events around campus.
  4. Promote Chancellor Canada’s goal of being “Better Together” with the hashtag #IUKBetterTogether on social media posts.
  5. While Chancellor Canada visits locations around the region, publish tweets asking “Where am I?”, with a prize awarded to the first to respond correctly to the tweet.
  6. Improve access to current and potential students across social media by either eliminating or restarting inactive accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  7. Allow students to use GoPro and Insta360 cameras to document “a day in the life” to share authentic student experiences on social media with the IUK community and prospective students.
  8. Start a weekly podcast led by IUK students, in order to share information and spread awareness about the events happening on campus.

Student Success

  1. Celebrate the work of IUK student organizations with the Student Organization Awards.
  2. Celebrate the outstanding work of students by having faculty and staff nominate a “Student of the Month.”
  3. Increase word-of-mouth to admitted students about the IU Kokomo General Foundation Scholarship application.
  4. Reinstall the Newly Admitted Student Signing Wall near the Admissions visiting room.
  5. Highlight the success of students who earn the Indiana College Core by providing them with graduation cords to wear at their high school commencement ceremonies.
  6. Offer a scholarship to the top three finalists in the Kokomo High School CEO entrepreneurship competition held each spring, to be funded with institutional dollars.
  7. Set up a promotional table to inform and remind students about the deadline to apply for the IU General Scholarship.
  8. Encourage Hospitality and Tourism Management students to participate in planning events at the Kelley House, and launch a Kelley House HTM scholarship.