General Education

The General Education program is the heart of the liberal arts education that every IU Kokomo student receives. The Foundations Category provides students with skills and capacities in writing, speaking, and quantitative reasoning that will allow them to be successful in their future academic work and beyond. The Liberal Arts Core requires students take courses in an array of academic disciplines—introducing students to a variety of ways of thinking, being, and doing. The Liberal Arts Core is divided into Scientific Ways of Knowing, Social and Behavioral Ways of Knowing, and Humanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing. Finally, students must take at least one course with a Diversity designation and one course with an Ethically Responsible Citizenship designation. These courses provide valuable knowledge and capabilities to help all students assume the critical role of citizen in a democracy.

In addition to the campus-wide General Education requirements, Bachelor of Arts (BA) students meet a foreign language proficiency requirement, expand their historical knowledge, and complete a BA seminar that integrates multiple academic disciplines in the study of a particular topic or issue.