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There’s no limit to your creativity, and the Department of New Media, Art, and Technology at Indiana University Kokomo is here to help you explore your dreams and turn them into art.

Here, you’ll be encouraged to stretch your skills by spending time perfecting your specialty, but also learning other art forms.

This program is designed as a “slip’n’slide” between the right and left brain; where you’ll spend time creating in the traditional studio and time learning emerging, cutting-edge techniques in digital media.

By the time you cross the stage and receive your diploma, you’ll understand how to produce industry-standard work in your concentration, have the practical and theoretical knowledge to critique work, gain the verbal, historical and theoretical knowledge to present your work to an audience, and understand the professional practices required to succeed in your chosen area.

You will also leave with a portfolio filled with your best work, to help you land your dream job and advance in your career.

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Description of the video:

Transcript - Victory Unchained: A New Media, Art, and Technology Story

00:00:00:00 - 00:00:48:05
Students, Jimmy Murphy and Cybil Johnson, are in the Fine Arts Building conversing while working on a metal sculpture they have been welding with their professor, Gregory Steel.

Jimmy and Cybil: It’s just a baby... he's just a baby.

Cybil: It’s so close. Is it out? Oh, you're joking.

Gregory: It's like a jigsaw puzzle. A nightmare of a jigsaw puzzle.

Sitting interview footage of the three now plays while footage of the work is playing over their interview.

Cybil: We’re all three bouncing off ideas, constantly working together. And it is the best atmosphere.

Cybil is watching over the others and speaks to the camera: I'm the. I'm the supervisor.

Cybil: Every day we wake up. But we don't leave this building sometimes till five. Monday through Friday. And I just enjoy it.

00:00:48:05 - 00:01:04:10
Cybil continues:
It's just this. What I know is to make art. I'm welding. Any time you come across me. This is how I look every single day. Nor do I care. And like I saw you today, I was like, Oh, this is what you get today. But if you're working, you're going to look like this. So I'm not ashamed of anything.

00:01:04:12 - 00:01:28:17
Shot cuts to Cybil sitting on the floor giving an update: We gotta change the wire.

Jimmy: There's something just oddly relaxing about, just like making the small circles and just kind of taking two very strong objects and almost just manipulate them as if it was just like clay or paper.

Gregory: We used the winged victory of Samothrace as kind of a inspirational piece. This ancient Greek statue kind of represents this moment of victory for these, these warriors.

00:01:28:22 - 00:01:54:10
Gregory continues: I always sort of relate education in the same way. There's a kind of a victory at the end. And but it's it's also a struggle. It's a battle. And you really have to develop a kind of a warrior's mentality about it. So that's how I see it. I see it as sort of this metaphor for higher education, for this victory over, you know, ourselves in certain sense as we go through this process of education.

00:01:54:16 - 00:02:16:01
Cybil continues: You know, it's a challenge to I can't even explain in words how what this program did for me. I mean, it absolutely gave me support. It gave me a family. It gave me a career. And then I'm going to continue that career, which I never thought ever that I would actually be a sculptor, Like I'm actually a living, breathing artist.

00:02:16:02 - 00:02:45:12
So it's like a it's like a taboo. And then I'm actually doing it. It blows my mind and I just feel like I could never thank Gregory enough for that and be like, Oh, what did he do? He just gave me the support I needed.

Gregory is off camera and is heard saying: That is not possible to be number three.

Jimmy and Cybil observe and laugh.

Chancellor Mark Canada speaks during the sculpture unveiling ceremony:
My name is Mark Canada and I am the Chancellor here at IU Kokomo and I'm delighted to have such a great turnout for this event.

00:02:45:14 - 00:03:08:03
Chancellor Canada continues:
We weren't really thinking of it so much as an event and we are going to have a sculpture walk a little bit later in the fall, but this is a chance for us to appreciate some really wonderful work that our students, along with their faculty mentor, have done. And this really, I think, epitomizes what we do here at IU Kokomo, which is to celebrate student achievement, give them a chance to do meaningful work for the community and for our campus.

00:03:08:07 - 00:03:26:01
Chancellor Canada Continues:
And so it's really nice to have an emblem of that. And what's really nice about this is that we have an artifact that shows the work that the students did. So this is really an embodiment of what we believe here about student achievement.

An IU Kokomo Motion Graphic appears overlaying the finished sculpture sitting between the Kelley Student Center and Hunt Hall with the website Kokomo dot IU dot edu.

Indiana University Kokomo rotates its outdoor sculptures every two years, to showcase amazing art across campus. In 2023, a metal sculpture created by two IU Kokomo students and NMAT department chair Gregory Steel permanently joined the collection.

Take a look at what went into creating “Victory Unchained.”

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I thought I was going to be working with clay, and I was obsessed with the potter’s wheel. My plans have changed night and day. Now I use metal, and I want to be a professor. I fell in love with it the minute the heat went on, with the sound, the noise, and how labor-intensive this work is. I knew this was what I wanted to do.

Cybil Johnson, B.F.A. New Media, Art, and Technology, May 2022

The KEY Experience

At IU Kokomo, we believe in giving you the opportunity to take your learning outside of the classroom and into the real world. The KEY (Kokomo Experience and You) initiative offers Cougars the unique chance to gain first-hand, real-world experience and knowledge in the careers and fields they dream of entering.

Life after graduation

As an artistic creator, you’ve got a highly desirable skillset. Not everyone can take something plain and make it pleasing to the eye, or appreciate the beauty in all things!

The possible careers and paths for someone with a degree in new media, art, and technology are broad. Upon graduation, you’ll have all kinds of options including:

  • Graphic design
  • Art direction
  • Illustration
  • Videography
  • Web design
  • Cinematography
  • Fine Art
  • Photography
  • Social media design

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