Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree

Hands-on learning in real-world settings

Expect the unexpected when studying for a Hospitality and Tourism Management degree at Indiana University Kokomo. You’ll have the opportunity to take courses that put you behind-the-scenes at an Indiana Pacers game or sampling beer and wine with your peers; here you can explore the opportunities available home and abroad in this growing industry!

What’s in store for you

Today’s hospitality and tourism industry needs professionally educated individuals. IU Kokomo graduates will be qualified to work in amusement parks, hotels and motels, restaurants, convention centers, as well as a diverse field of careers and industries.

Students must complete both foundational classes and a core set of hospitality and tourism management classes that provide a broad industry perspective and a look at the operations of different types of organizations within the industry.

Beyond core classes, you can choose electives to focus on a particular area such as convention, event and meeting management, or food and beverage management.

Explore our Degree Map and learn about the courses you can take!

Discover your career interests

In this program, you’ll be exposed to industries and careers that can take you around the world, or help you gain a foothold at home. A degree from IU Kokomo will prepare you to enter the world equipped with knowledge about this diverse field, with real-world experience to draw upon.

Explore a career as a:

  • Event planner
  • Concierge
  • Marketing specialist
  • Food and beverage director
  • Resort manager
  • Wedding planner
  • Or a multitude of other careers

Ready to take off?

Do you belong here? Don’t wait any longer! Contact an Admissions Counselor today, to start taking the steps toward a degree in hospitality and tourism management!

If you’re seeking more information about careers in this field, you can find the resources and guidance you need in the IU Kokomo Career Center.