Hospitality and Tourism Management Minor

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Learn about the hospitality and tourism industry inside and out with a minor in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Indiana University Kokomo.

Take courses that provide you with a thorough understanding of the hospitality and tourism industry, giving you the specialized knowledge you need to succeed in your major and future career! Adding a minor in Hospitality and Tourism Management can tailor your knowledge and experience to create a strong and successful future.

Students must complete 15 credit hours of required and elective courses that provide a unique look into the different aspects of the hospitality and tourism management industry.

Explore the Academic Bulletin to learn more about the courses you can take.

Take part in the KEY Experience

At IUK, we believe in giving our students the opportunity to take their learning outside of the classroom, and into the real world. The Kokomo Experience and You (KEY) program offers Cougars the unique chance to gain first-hand, real-world experience and knowledge in the careers and fields they dream of entering.

Through the KEY program, you can immerse yourself in the world of careers available through a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management, as well as the careers that connect to this growing industry.

Learn the ins and outs of managing your own restaurant, planning corporate retreats, or building a successful event planning business — the world is open for you!

Ready to take off?

Do you belong here? Don’t wait any longer! Contact an Admissions Counselor today, to start taking the steps toward a degree in hospitality and tourism management!

If you’re seeking more information about careers in this field, you can find the resources and guidance you need in the IU Kokomo Career Center.