100 Ways in 100 Days

100 ways to support IU Kokomo in 100 days

I’m very proud of what we do for our students, our employees, and the community, and I am excited about collaborating with you to take IU Kokomo to even greater heights.  In the spirit of continuous improvement, I invite you to help us improve in ‘100 Ways in 100 Days’. Everyone can think of something you can do to improve IU Kokomo - the student experience, the employee experience, through contributions to the community, or anything else. Thank you for all that you do - and all that you will do - as we get better together.

Chancellor Mark Canada 
Mark Canada


Ideas and suggestions for Chancellor Canada’s 100 Ways, 100 Days initiative are submitted to Indiana University Kokomo’s Cabinet for review and approval. The Cabinet reviews requests each week, alerting those who submitted ideas of their approval. Progress is tracked on a chart in the Kelley Student Center near the bookstore, on digital signs located around campus, and on this web page.

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12Athletics/Campus Spirit

23Building Relationships

7Campus Operations

2Campus Safety

2Career Development

5Classroom Innovation

13Community Engagement


7Health and Wellness

1IU 2030 Framework

2Kokomo experience and you (KEY)

5Professional Development

8Social Media

8Student Success