Snack and Drink Service

Snack and Drink Service


All items are individual packages

Mini Egg/Cheese Burrito $2.25
Mini Egg/Cheese/Sausage Burrito $3
Yogurt Parfait - fruit & granola $4
Yogurt Cup $1
Yogurt Cup, Greek Style $1.75
Muffin $2
Breakfast Basket $7/per guest
Cinnamon Roll $3.25
Coffee House Bagels w/ Cream Cheese $4/pc
Dan’s Donuts  $12 per dozen, order in dozen increments only
Fruit Salad $4.80/per guest
Whole Fruit $1.25
Coffee House Croissant orders require two week notice
Traditional or Multi Grain Croissant
Chocolate Éclair Croissant $4
Spinach Ricotta Croissant $4
Gouda Croissant $4
Granola Bar $1
NutriGrain Bar $1
Kind Bar, gluten free $3
Assorted Cookies (1oz cookie) $15/dz. Order in dozen increments only. Pick up from café on disposable tray. MUST PLACE order 3 weeks in advance.
Cookie Delivery fee $15
2oz Assorted Cookies $2.69
IU Cookie $4/cookie
Brownie $3
Rice Krispie Treat $1.50
Chex Mix $1.75
Trail Mix $3
Chips, individual bags $1.50
Sun Chips, Baked, Miss Vickies Kettle or Flamin Hot $1.75
Pretzel Crisps $2.50
Soft Pretzel $4 plain, $4.50 with Cheese
Popcorn, Butter or Kettle $3
Popcorn, Caramel $3.75
Popcorn, IUK Mix $3.50


Drink Service

House Coffee
8 oz. cup, serves 10
$22/airpot includes condiments

Hot Tea
8 oz. cup, serves 10
$20/airpot includes condiments 

Coca Cola Products
20 oz. bottle
$2/ bottle 

Gold Peak Iced Tea
20 oz. bottle
$2.99/ bottle


20 oz. bottle
$2.50/ bottle
Orange, Cranberry, Apple 
Dasani Water, mini
12 oz. bottle

Dasani Water
20 oz. bottle
$1.75/ bottle 

Hot Chocolate

$20/gallon, serves 15 

Water, without food

Includes cups and ice

Iced Tea

Unsweet or Sweet
$20/gallon, serves 15

IUK Spritzer
$30/2 gallons
2 gallon minimum