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Studying English explores the production, consumption, interpretation, and thoughts behind and about texts – from classic works of literature like Moby Dick to emerging genres like microfiction or writing for the web.  At Indiana University Kokomo, students studying for an English degree will also study how people communicate – orally, in writing, and through pictures and video.  

We’ve designed our curriculum to offer you practical skills, in-depth knowledge, and in-service learning. During your time at IU Kokomo, you’ll be encouraged to network, get involved in student organizations like the English Club or Field, engage in internships, and even travel!

Choose your concentration

To narrow your focus within your Bachelor of Arts in English, you can choose a concentration for your degree. Each concentration is designed to prepare you for whatever your future career plans may be.

The literary studies concentration is the traditional route for students who choose to major in English. Here, students are introduced to the close reading of literary texts, the rich world of literary criticism and interpretation, and the history of literature in the English language, from Beowulf to Jhumpa Lahiri. The study of literature and language that students undertake as part of this concentration prepare them for a wide array of career and professional opportunities, including jobs in education, law, journalism, media, non-profits and other forms of knowledge work, as well as advanced study in graduate and professional school.

Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Media: The writing, rhetoric and digital media concentration introduces students to the discipline of writing studies, providing a strong foundation in professional writing and editing, rhetorical theory, and digital forms of media. This concentration is designed to be flexible so that students can shape their coursework to their interests and career goals. This concentration develops essential skills in rhetoric, writing, and digital media that translate to both the public sphere and a wide array of careers in the knowledge economy.

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To find out what the next four years might look like while you study for this degree, explore our Degree Map, and schedule an appointment with your advisor today.

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