English and Language Studies

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There is power in language. Language allows us to express ourselves, connect with others and communicate ideas across social and cultural boundaries. In the Department of English and Language Studies at Indiana University Kokomo, you’ll hone the skills essential for success in the global economy. Here, you’ll learn to work with language, communicate effectively, analyze and interpret texts, develop critical thinking skills, and how to express yourself and your ideas effectively.

Choosing a degree in English and Language Studies opens up your collegiate experience to a world of exciting possibilities.

What is your passion? Do you love movies? You can take courses in film studies. Do you get lost in classic works of fiction? Enroll in a wide range of literature courses. Do you write your own poetry? Then creative writing courses might be the path for you. Classes in creative writing, rhetoric, or creative nonfiction will take you to new heights by strengthening your storytelling skills. You can also bring your interests outside of the classroom by submitting your work to the Field journal, pursuing an internship, or joining a club with your fellow students.

Enter the Field

A staple of the English and Language Studies Department is Field: A Journal of Arts and Sciences, a peer-reviewed student journal highlighting visual artwork, research essays and creative writing produced by the students of IU Kokomo.

Field is produced each spring, but students can take part in its production year-round.

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Explore your interests

Your learning opportunities don’t end at the classroom door. At IU Kokomo, there are a wide range of extracurricular clubs and organizations created by students to gather with those who have similar interests. Join the English Club and discuss literary trends; the IUK Film Society and watch your favorite films, or the Spanish Club and expand your love of language.

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"The depth of the discussions in the classroom, the phenomenal professors who deeply care about their students’ education, and the various opportunities provided to grow professionally contribute to my love for English program here at IU Kokomo. The skills gained from this program—editing, analysis, research, writing, communication- and the support of my professors has encouraged me to pursue a career in law. Because of the program, I have been able to edit a student journal, conduct research, and complete technical projects, all of which have prepared me very well for whatever field I choose to go into."

- Mary Hogsett, B.S. Psychology and English, 2023

Olivia Williford has a seat in The Red Chair

Olivia Williford graduated with a degree in English from Indiana University Kokomo. Check out more Red Chair videos.

The Red Chair is randomly placed around the IU Kokomo campus. Anyone walking by is free to sit down, get comfy, and share their experience about IU Kokomo.

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Watch the video with audio description

Description of the video:

Transcript – The Zoom Chair – Olivia Williford

Olivia Williford is interviewed on Zoom. She sits in her house on a rainy day looking directly at the camera. Soft, upbeat music plays in the background.

The Zoom Chair logo appears on the screen throughout the video, but at the beginning you see her name on the screen as “Olivia Williford ’20, an English graduate.”

As the interview begins you hear a sound effect indicating a graphic asking you to subscribe to IUKokomo on YouTube.

Olivia begins speaking.

“Going to IU Kokomo was probably the best choice that I could have made.

When pursuing a college career, I didn't understand what they meant when they when they said that it was more like a community rather than a college.

Because everybody is so friendly and they genuinely want you to succeed and do well. And the faculty care about their students. And there are just so many opportunities that you can have at IU.

I feel like IU really encouraged me to think outside of the box and to help build up my skills so that I understand how I can improve myself continuously, how I can keep on learning, and how I can use the skills that I learn and the things that I've experience to give myself that extra boost.

Dr. Cook talked a lot about how usually when you're applying for jobs you only apply for the things that you think that you're totally qualified for. But really you just need to shoot your shot and put yourself out there because maybe the position and the people don't know exactly what they need until they meet you.

I would absolutely go back. I would feel completely comfortable. Because I know that IU genuinely cares about their people. IU Kokomo is the best. Full disclosure.

My name is Olivia Williford. I just graduated with a BA in writing, editing, and media, an English bachelor's degree.

The video ends with a graphic animation that reads #IUKSTRONG and then the IU Kokomo logo appears with iuk.edu below it.

Take part in the KEY Experience

At IU Kokomo, we believe in giving you the opportunity to take your learning outside of the classroom and into the real world. The KEY (Kokomo Experience and You) program offers Cougars the unique chance to gain first-hand, real-world experience and knowledge in the careers and fields they dream of entering.

As an English and Language Studies student, you will be able to visit places like The LUME at Newfields to let art boost your creativity, or travel along Route 66 in Illinois, and learn the innovative techniques of successful businesses. 

Students standing in front of Route 66 sign.
Students standing in front of an historical home.
A group of students standing in front of the Seiberling mansion.

Explore your career options

An English degree from IU Kokomo emphasizes the skills that employers are always looking for, and opens you up to a wide range of options. Explore a future in research, editing, marketing, and more.

Our alumni have built careers in: 

  • Technical writing
  • Marketing research
  • Web content development/writing
  • Copywriting
  • Editing
  • English as a Second Language instruction
  • Advising
  • Brand strategy
  • Journalism
  • Grant writing

If you are interested in teaching at the high school level, IU Kokomo’s School of Education offers a dual degree program in English/secondary education. To teach in secondary school programs, you will need a degree in education or a dual major in English and education.

If you are intrigued at the thought of joining the Department of English and Language Studies, explore the courses available to you in our Degree Map and contact the Office of Admissions to learn more!

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