Clinical Nursing Simulation

Clinical Nursing Simulation at IU Kokomo

In the world of health care, nurses must be confident, caring, passionate, and efficient while delivering patient care. To gain these skills, nurses must have experience as close to what they’ll experience in their day-to-day duties and tasks as possible. At IU Kokomo, we have two exceptional spaces in which this hands-on simulated learning will occur. 

  • Thanks to the generous gift of St. Vincent Kokomo and St. Vincent Health, students in IU Kokomo's School of Nursing will have the opportunity for simulation-based learning with the St. Joseph Hospital Clinical Simulation Center. In the four simulation rooms, students will be presented with scenarios designed to help them develop their clinical judgment skills, presented in an environment dedicated to learning and teaching.
  • Our newly renovated Nursing Foundations Simulation Laboratory will be utilized to teach both BSN and FNP students the physical assessment and psychomotor skills needed to be effective health care professionals.

What is clinical simulation?

As technology improves, the type of instruction offered to student nurses advances. In clinical simulation, we can offer you real-world experience in a low-stakes environment while observing and instructing. While human simulators can’t replace the learning experience gained through helping real, human patients, they provide exceptional opportunities to learn how to respond to a variety of health care situations. Students are challenged to develop their skills in a setting that allows non-fatal mistakes. In clinical simulation, mistakes are used to teach without putting a patient at risk. Helpful feedback is provided on performance while positive aspects of the completed simulation are discussed and reflective thinking is encouraged.

Our faculty are trained in the latest methods and are looking forward to working with you in one of the simulation spaces! 

Have questions about clinical simulation?

We’re here to help! You can reach out to the director of the Clinical Simulation Center, Tammy Ledbetter, by email at or give her a call at 765-455-9478. 

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