Mathematics is a fundamental part of human thinking and logic, and it’s essential to our understanding of the world around us. Math is a part of everyday life including fields such as business, education, economics, social sciences, and epidemiology.

Here at IU Kokomo, mathematics courses provide a solid quantitative literacy foundation which is an integral part of our general education curriculum. Our BA and BS degrees in Mathematics are designed to prepare individuals to understand the nature of truth and the concept of proof in the discipline of mathematics, to understand the application of mathematical techniques to other fields, and to formulate and solve problems mathematically. If you’re looking to further your education in mathematics, we also offer graduate courses in math as part of the online collaborative MAT and graduate certificate in mathematics.

Math Commons

A great amenity to take advantage of on campus is the Math Commons. There, you can get tutoring for a multitude of math courses. Calculators, textbooks and other supplies are available to make your study session as smooth as possible! We even offer online options.

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