Earth and Sustainability Sciences Track

Earth and Sustainability Sciences Track

Perhaps your personal mission in life is to teach those around you that sustaining our planet doesn’t have to be so hard. Maybe you’ve been a recycling enthusiast since you first learned how to say the word. If you’re passionate about this place we call home and sustaining it for generations to come, the Bachelor of Science in Biological and Physical Sciences – Earth and Sustainability Track from Indiana University Kokomo is the perfect fit for you.

At IU Kokomo, you’ll work alongside your peers and faculty who care about the same things you do. From the restoration areas on campus to trips to Yellowstone State Park to opportunities to work in the Office of Sustainability to make our campus more sustainable, you’ll find hands-on, tactical experience in your field right here on campus. You’ll study in the classroom then see it in action – which is the best combination of learning, in our opinion.

Whether you are interested in graduate or professional school, or going straight into the workforce, this degree acts as a launching pad to a variety of careers and advanced degree programs.

Students may specialize their Bachelor of Science in Biological and Physical Sciences with the Earth and Sustainability Track. Students will be required to fulfill the basic degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science Biological and Physical Sciences and Earth and Sustainability Sciences Track Specific Requirements. 

To find out what the next four years might look like for this degree, fill out your information and follow the prompted steps to arrive at a sample degree map. For more information specific to you and your situation, please schedule a visit with an advisor today. For the most recent and up-to-date information regarding this degree, please visit our Academic Bulletin.

Assessment information for this degree is available from our Assessment landing page.

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