Pre-Dentistry: How Do You Become a Dentist?

5 Things to Keep in Mind As a Pre-Dentistry Major

Becoming a dentist is a significant commitment and you want to ensure you receive the right schooling to be prepared. You can start right here at IU Kokomo and get the preparation you need. Here are 5 things to keep in mind as a pre-dentistry student:

  1. It’s never too early to start preparing for graduate school. As you work your way through your undergraduate degree, it’s always good to keep the next step in mind. In the School of Sciences, you’ll have the opportunity to work side-by-side with professors on research projects. In fact, a recent IU Kokomo graduate knew her dental school application would stand out because she had published research with a mentor and job shadowed a local dentist. She’s now attending the IU School of Dentistry!
  1. Your academic advisor will become your best friend. When you’re navigating between fulfilling your requirements for your undergrad work and preparing to apply to a graduate program, it’s imperative that you know what is expected of you. To be sure you check all the boxes for your future graduate school application, you’ll want to work with a knowledgeable professional who keeps track of these things day in and day out. Your academic advisor will be there for you every step of the way and they have experience getting students just like you from point A to point B.
  1. The STEPS program is something you’ll want to look into. IU Kokomo offers a special program called STEPS for successfully training and education pre-healthcare professions students. This program offers mock interviews, help with the application process, healthcare facility tours, clinical shadowing experiences, and more! Be on the lookout for more information on this program; there are only 5 openings available annually.
  1. We recommend majoring in biology as an undergrad. Preparing you for graduate school is always at the top of our mind. In order to meet the admission requirements for dental school, a Bachelor of Science in Biology is the recommended path to get you there.
  1. You can earn your degree from IU School of Dentistry following your undergraduate. If you’re a Hoosier through and through, it’s good to know that you can apply to the IU School of Dentistry following your graduation from IU Kokomo. Be sure to keep up to date on the prerequisite requirements for IU’s D.D.S. program and keep application deadlines in mind for your future planning.

Want to get involved with your peers? Be sure to check out the Pre-Dental Club and the School of Sciences Pre-Professional Club!

Ready to dive in?

If you’re ready to start your first step on the way to becoming a dentist, let us know! The friendly and eager-to-help faculty and staff are here for you if you have questions or concerns. If you’re ready to dive in and get started, you can fill out an application today! We’re looking forward to meeting you.

Ready to begin your journey?