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The Writing Center offers a number of specialized services to faculty members, from collaborating with you to assist your students on specific projects to helping you fine tune your own course and research materials.

Writing Center tutors are FERPA trained and ready to assist your students in whatever capacity they may need.

Please make sure your students know your requirements about attendance in the Writing Center, our policy against paper drop-offs, and the need to make an appointment ahead of time. Often, students will email us at the last minute asking us to look over a copy of their paper via email so they can receive credit, even if the Writing Center is closed. This violates our editing policy and our tutors cannot work outside of their scheduled hours.

Student Privacy and Plagiarism

Our tutors are student-employees and are not qualified to assess for plagiarism. They cannot discuss a student’s work with an instructor outside of the scope of the Client Report Form without the student’s explicit permission. If a tutor suspects that a client may be plagiarizing, those concerns are brought to the attention of the Writing Center Director.

If you suspect one of your student’s may be plagiarizing and they have met with our tutors, please contact the Writing Center Director.

Faculty Guide to the Writing Center

  • General overview of Writing Center services
  • Citations/formatting
  • Content development
  • Writing for genres
  • Plagiarism/intellectual property

  • Facilitated by available tutors & director
  • Created to meet the needs of your project or assignment
  • Tutors work with you and your students during classtime

  • Can work with faculty to assist with specific projects & students
  • Can create individualized plans for students with specific needs
  • Can report on progress & challenges

Anytime! The Writing Center can assist students at all levels of proficiency; from struggling, new academic writers to seasoned graduate students.

Someprofessorssendstudentsaspartoftheirwriting assignment or offer extra credit for coming to us.

Contact us

Email the WC at or the director, Caitlyn Rudolph-Schram, at