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When you think of computer science, maybe you picture the cast from IT Crowd, tucked away in a basement suggesting over and over again to try turning it off and back on. With a computer science degree from Indiana University Kokomo, you’ll be doing a lot more than that. You’ll be learning how to solve everyday problems and build new technology that stretches across every industry and field you can imagine! From medicine to cyber security to even music and the arts, a computer science degree will put you at the forefront of technology, ready to design and innovate for a better tomorrow.  

In this program, we’ll make sure you’ve got a solid foundation of where computer science came from, we’ll test the current technology and discover its limits and uses, and we’ll look into what tomorrow might bring…together. You’ll learn everything from the fundamentals of programming languages like Java and algorithm development to the design and engineering of computer programs you will create. 

Watch the computer science video at IU Kokomo with descriptive audio

Description of the video:

IU Kokomo - Computer Science Transcript - Spring 2021

Sarah Richeson sits outside at a picnic table wearing and Indiana University hoodie talk to the interviewer.

“Kind of just interested in how everything in the world connects and I think computer science can really showcase it in many ways. You know, you've got security, you've got connections, you've got fridges that talk to phones now. Automobiles, I mean there is a computer everywhere.”

The Camera cuts to Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Abdullah Canbaz. He talks to the camera in front of Hunt Hall.

“Computer science requires you to have logical thinking, critical thinking. If you think that you enjoy the landscape, what you can do, if you think that you really want to build, do things that will change other people's life... computer science is the best domain to dive in.”

Alex Martakis is talking through a Zoom call in his residence.

“If someone in high school would have told me that it was just virtual legos... you know, there's a few fundamental building blocks. You know, you might have a two-by-two block, a four-by-four, and then some plates and whatnot, and just very simple pieces like after like, fundamental by core. However, as a kid, if you use your imagination, you can build it into a robot, you can build into a car, or spaceship, or whatever you want to do with it.”

Katie Bioke talks to the interviewer on the Patio behind the Kelley Student Center.

“I would really like to work on video games, because I love playing video games, and I'm really interested to see how they make it happen. I took a beginner's Java course, I guess you'd call it, in high school and then I didn't take anything like that until like after two years of college and I was like "’yeah that was fun, let's try that again?’”

Sarah Richeson speaks again, this time about the faculty.

“They're pretty easy going. You know, a lot of the professors, if you want to do research, you might have them come to you and you might be like "’okay they actually noticed me in class!’"

Alex Martakis talks about his KEY trip to San Francisco.

“So yeah so going on that trip it was definitely an influential experience. We got to meet with one guy who worked at Facebook and Google. And then we got to go over to Google and meet them, getting a little bit of taste of the lifestyle, the work-life balance that places like that offer. Coming out of that I think all of us, you know, we had like our rose-colored lenses on. We definitely were all influenced, and I think it made us want to work harder in our programming classes.”

The Camera cuts again to Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Abdullah Canbaz.

“I believe this is a perfect place for computer science degree. IU Kokomo is a perfect location to study. Collect yourself knowing that time flies. Either way, one way or another, you will spend your four years. So let's make it count. Get a degree that will help you. That will take you to a place that you will make about 100,000 or so per year. And really, a good salary that will make you happy knowing that you will change people's lives. Every day is something new, every day is a new challenge. If you're that person, I will, I believe you should be part of this degree. You should take computer science degree from IU Kokomo.”

The IU Kokomo logo pops on the screen with the website

The video ends.

Students in computer science apply the theoretical and mathematical foundations of computing to solve a variety of computational problems and to design and implement computing systems. Graduates of the computer science degree are able to design efficient software solutions by analyzing and customizing appropriate computational algorithms. They can analyze computing problems and apply sound principles to define and compare alternative solutions for such problems.

Students will demonstrate proficiency and competency in constructing software solutions by utilizing multiple programming languages and programming paradigms; they will apply interpersonal skills to work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams and will communicate technical ideas and concepts clearly with a range of audiences; and they will recognize ethical and professional responsibilities and apply sound principles for dealing with ethical issue in the computing field. Students will also develop analytical problem-solving skills based on well-established techniques and tools used by computer science professionals and they will demonstrate a sense of exploration and develop skills that enable lifelong learning.

To find out what the next four years might look like for this degree, fill out your information and follow the prompted steps to arrive at a sample degree map. For more information specific to you and your situation, please schedule a visit with an advisor today.

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You’ll dive in and learn the field in all kinds of ways; you’ll be taught through lab and lecture combinations, one-on-one work with highly-knowledgeable and approachable faculty, and small-group collaborative projects with your peers. You’ll start off surrounded by beginner students with the same interests as you in a Freshman Learning Community and you’ll wrap things up with a final Seminar in Computer Science. By the end of this program, you’ll be prepared to hit the hot job market, having honed critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to communicate and work within a team.

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