About the Office of Sustainability.

The Office of Sustainability and Indiana University Kokomo loves to facilitate partnerships with local organizations. We believe we'll get a lot further when we work together!

Our Mission

The mission of the Indiana University Kokomo Office of Sustainability is to create awareness, educate, and take action in an effort to bring change at local, regional, and international levels by fostering experiential learning and interdisciplinary thinking.

By creating a culture of sustainability, this office hopes to engage faculty, staff and students. This effort will manifest itself through four different dimensions:

  • Education and Curriculum Development will create interdisciplinary experiential learning opportunities that educate students towards developing, designing, and innovating sustainable practices, and prepare them to acquire the mindset, knowledge, skills, and values required to meet the challenges of creating sustainable jobs in the 21st century and beyond.
  • Faculty and student research will share their research on sustainability issues with the local and international community in the hopes of enhancing existing partnerships within Indiana University and continue to forge new ones.
  • Research-based advocacy and community action will link the campus to local and international institutions and organizations in an effort to make cities, rural communities, and workplaces more sustainable.
  • Facilities and campus culture initiatives will infuse sustainability into campus life and support efforts to turn IU Kokomo into a living laboratory.

The vision of the Office of Sustainability at IU Kokomo is to improve the quality of life and treatment of all people; now and in future generations.

Encourage recycling. Innovate new sustainable ideas. Save the world. Sound like you?

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