We have a commitment. To our campus, our region, and our global environment. In the Office of Sustainability at Indiana University Kokomo, we believe that little changes add up to big results. The Office of Sustainability promotes the goal of making facilities and operations a living laboratory for sustainability in an effort to make cities, rural communities, and workplaces more sustainable.

To accomplish this goal, our current facilities initiatives include:

Resource Use and Recycling

In order to go forward and make a change in the world, we've decided to start right here. We have water bottle refill stations located all over campus to promote the use of reusable water containers and reduce plastic waste. We've also started encouraging offices to become Recycle Only; this initiative is off to a great start and each day, more offices are joining in on this initiative. In the Cougar Cafe, we've also started a Skip the Straw campaign, encouraging students, faculty, and staff to think about their consumption and lessen their waste of plastic. We're always finding new ways to innovate, lessening our resource use and up our recycling efforts.

Environmental Quality and Land Use

The IU Kokomo campus is a beautiful place - and we plan to keep it that way! The Office of Sustainability has partnered with Physical Facilities to create ecological restoration areas, places where we let what is natural begin to come back.


The IU Kokomo campus has a campus garden currently in place. Because of the importance of this, we are in the process of building a larger garden behind the facilities barn. The Office of Sustainability is a growing (literally and figuratively!) movement here on campus and have big plans for this garden in the near future!

Wondering how to host an event with sustainability in mind?

We're pretty serious about going green around here. We're also fans of celebrations and gatherings. To satisfy both of these values, we've created a way that you can be mindful of the resources you're using when planning an event on campus. Check out our Green Event Certificate for more information.

You can help, too!

We're making changes on our campus to become more sustainable. We appreciate and partner with our Office of Physical Facilities on campus. Have more ideas or want to be a part of the change? Learn how to get involved!

Encourage recycling. Innovate new sustainable ideas. Save the world. Sound like you?

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